Now Enrolling for Class of 2021

Are you ready? Likeminded Therapies School of Massage is seeking those with an open heart & mind, who are ready to take action in becoming a part of the next generation of holistic massage therapists. May we learn and heal, wholly, together.  The start date for this upcoming program is September 1st. Please contact us for questions or to get started! We look forward to hearing from  you.

Our wonderful class of 2020 is now ready!

After 250 hours of training, our current class of 2020 is ready to begin working with the general public. Their sessions will be $30 per hour! So as part of our training program they learn and practice to contacting clientele, scheduling and booking themselves, as well as checking clients both in and out. The student clinic days and availability will vary based on the students schedules, much like the rest of Likeminded professional practitioner schedules. If you’re interested in some of our students working with you, please give us a call at 405-664-2473, or send us an email ( requesting a student massage. Leave us your name, number, and a general time frame you are available and we will pass it along to them and get it going!
Hope all is well, and more exciting news to come with new modalities coming soon, workshops, CEU courses, and new practitioners as well.
Much Love,
Likeminded Therapies

Now offering Whole Brain Balancing with PSYCH-K® !

Paula Chiarmonte, MLIS

Why do conscious mind techniques, like affirmations and positive thinking, rarely work? Because subconscious beliefs are the unrecognized link driving our conscious mind intentions. My goal for every client is swift, deep, and enduring change in the subconscious mind, with “breakthrough” experiences that previously seemed unattainable. Blending rational and emotional thinking results in self-empowerment and peak performance result.

Paula brings over 30 years of personal experience, with complementary therapies and integrative health care modalities, to her Whole Brain Balancing practice. As a former management consultant and research analyst, she is certified in Transformational Healthcare Leadership from UCLA. Having studied PSYCH-K® in 2011 directly with Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams, Paula is a Preferred Facilitator with PSYCH-K International.

A PSYCH-K balance features deep change in the mind and the brain. First, the conscious and subconscious minds can easily and quickly communicate (when normally they cannot) to transform self-limiting beliefs. Simultaneously, the super-conscious mind is also engaged, ensuring spiritual integrity. Second, the brain’s innate neuroplasticity (ability to change) is harnessed to balance its two hemispheres. Split-brain neuroscience research proves the brain’s two hemispheres function differently. The right brain uses emotions and intuition, while the left brain uses reason and logic.

Optimal brain function features balance across both hemispheres when both the left and right brain perform equally well. Stress and trauma lodge or freeze in different areas of the brain affecting our behaviors. When emotionally charged, negative experiences are repeated, causing one brain hemisphere to dominate over the other. PSYCH-K’s “whole brain state” restores equilibrium to both brain hemispheres enabling them to function in a balanced relationship. The whole brain state then fosters whole brain thinking, that is validated by neuroscience as optimal cognition, with neurofeedback studies and split-brain research.

According to Bruce Lipton, PSYCH-K is the most powerful subconscious change modality available today. Uniquely, it alone transforms our individual brain and mind, while addressing the superconscious to accelerate the evolution of humanity’s higher consciousness. Now you can claim your divine inheritance of health, wealth, love and spirituality while reducing stress and trauma, deepening self-compassion and awareness, managing conflict with greater courage, and achieving inner peace. Learn about Whole Brain Balancing with PSYCH-K®, a uniquely effective brain integration and subconscious change modality. Visit View 2 videos by Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams linked on the “Sessions” page. Then, call Paula directly at 910-795-9478 to schedule a complimentary phone call.

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