Our Massage School has officially launched! Enrollment for this year’s Core Program is now closed. We are currently accepting enrollments for our Advanced program which begins January 2, 2018. Our next Core program will start July of 2018.

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Likeminded Therapies is a Holistic Healing Clinic which has gathered some of the most talented and gracious healers, therapists, and technicians from around the area in order to provide a broad and encompassing approach to health and wellness. We offer services including Massage Therapy and Corrective Bodywork, Yoga, Meditation, Sound/Light Therapy, Coaching, Aromatherapy and Energy Healing. We believe in order to be in great health, you must be healthy in all aspects of your life: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. While some services focus on one aspect over another, we share the view that all 4 aspects cannot be separated. You will not find a more diverse and talented collection of therapists and types of therapies anywhere in Oklahoma City!

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