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I originally came to Likeminded Therapies for a couples’ massage with my fiance and was blown away by how wonderful it was and what a great place we had stumbled across.  I had been to other massage therapists, but none of them were as talented or as involved with relieving my pains like Jesse Cox. When I left for the military I injured my hip and returned home unable to walk with ease or enjoy exercising.  I have practiced combative martial arts for several years now and after all the abuse I had put my body through with training and the military I thought I would never enjoy my active lifestyle the same way. I was wrong.

After seeing Jesse a few times for my hip, back, and shoulder issues I can thankfully say I have gained my mobility again and have returned to my active lifestyle. Though it has taken time, Jesse has been absolutely amazing, going above and beyond to provide me with top quality bodywork and also bestowing valuable knowledge on how to strengthen and correct my body.
Rodrick Neher also helped my fiance with a severe knee injury that we thought might need surgery.  Again, outstanding bodywork was provided and now my fiance’s knee is much better, no longer causing him pain or mobility issues.  We are completely devoted to only being treated at Likeminded Therapies because nowhere else are you provided this level of care, consideration, and professionalism.
Thank you so much for helping us regain our active lifestyles and for giving us the chance to understand and take care of our bodies in  ways we neglected before. You all have truly been amazing!
– McKenna Yeakey

Miracle Muscle Paste
I happened upon Tina Hayden at Likeminded Therapies quite by accident.  My daughter had sent me some essential oils for my birthday. I have osteoarthritis in both knees and have had for years. Done everything anyone ever told me to help with the pain in my knees. The essential oil that my daughter sent me was like a miracle. In August of 2014 I went to Oklahoma City and noticed that I was almost out of the essential oil, so figured I could locate some while I was there. I called several places. Likeminded Therapies was one of the places I called. And was put in touch with Tina Hayden. The therapist I talked to said they didn’t have the oil I was inquiring about, but that Tina had something even better. I visited with her about it and decided to give it a try. She makes this wonderful muscle paste that is an absolute miracle! My sister has severe shoulder pain. She bought some. My mother has terrible back pain from arthritis. She bought some. All 3 of us were amazed at how quickly it worked. As soon as you rub it on the affected area,..Instant Pain Relief! I’ve just contacted Tina for my third round of her fabulous muscle paste and am purchasing some for my mother in law as well. Using the muscle paste I have been able to put off having both of my knees replaced. I know eventually I will probably have to have that done, but I will never be without Tina’s muscle paste….ever again!!
Thanks Tina for caring about people the way you do.

– Debbie Tyson

I’ve had massages by many therapists in various facilities and localities. Rodrick is the best. My feet and back no longer hurt. He knows many styles of massage, is conscientious and sensitive. His body work sessions deliver the best long term benefits to the client that I’ve ever experienced. I love that he educates the client about the benefits of whatever he’s doing. He takes pride in his work. If you want a healing massage, visit Rodrick!

– Sarah Steffes

Visiting Likeminded clinic is a truly energy balancing experience from the moment you walk in the door. I just like sitting in there and waiting sometimes! You truly do stand out from any other therapist who I have visited over the years! Not just from the perfect level of energy and pressure you use or the wonderfully decorated rooms. I really enjoyed the unexpected little surprises such as the use of therapeutic essential oils used for emotional balancing and muscle relaxation, a perfect balance of conversation and silence and the brief introduction to Craniosacral Therapy (which I am very much looking forward to experiencing). This is no Day Spa massage experience. It’s something far more and will leave you feeling the benefits for several days. Phenomenal energy of the therapists is present during your entire massage experience. Pamper yourself in an amazing way..

– Tina Hayden

Thank You Rodrick & Jesse for the Raindrop Technique Massage ~ Only words to the results is Wow!!!

– Regina Ann

I have received massages for years; however, for the first time I have truly received massage THERAPY by Rodrick.  He walks me through my bodies modalities so we can work together to improve my overall health.  I appreciate his caring and teaching approach to massage therapy.

– V. Glasco

I had the Craniosacral done by Rodrick and ever since i have felt so in tune to myself. I feel as if he helped connect my mind body and soul to make me a happier, more free person. Which really helps me in my line of work. Really to sum it up into one word would be amazing.

– Dakota Barnett

Love these therapists! If you hurt, you need to see them; they rock! Thanks guys, you definitely helped out!

– Shea D.

The Crainosacral session I received (from Rodrick) was the most effective release of blockages I have experienced ~ the results have been amazing and I am very grateful for them!

– Regina Ann

I highly recommend Jesse at Likeminded Therapies! He is AMAZING and has helped my mother tremendously! He has helped her shoulder and prevented her from having to undergo shoulder surgery at this point! She was very impressed, so I gave him a shot and I was blown away by how he has helped my spine and head! I am thankful that my mother found Likeminded Therapies!

– Katie Smith

I just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know how fantastic I feel after meeting with Rodrick yesterday. I have not had any dizziness and I cannot begin to express how much that makes me happy. I’ve been able to function at 100% at work and feel more like myself! Since yesterday, I’ve had much more success with sinus drainage as well!

Thanks so much!

– Kristi Bjorkley

I hope you know how much you have helped me. I no longer have a constant back ache and my hip and leg are doing so much better. I thought it was just something I was going to have to live with. How wonderful to find out that is not the case. Anytime people talk about their aches and pains, I tell them to go to [Rodrick]. And if they go, just once, they want to go again.

-Sharon Hackler

WOW!  I haven’t felt this relaxed and peaceful in a very long time!

The atmosphere was clean, professional and anxiety free. Jesse Cox balanced my energy and I enjoyed my BEST nights sleep in years!
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Likeminded Therapy to help you improve your level of health.

– Carrol Thomas

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