School of Massage

We are now accepting applications for enrollment into all massage therapy programs.

To apply, please email or call/text us at 405-664-2473


Our school is located within the Likeminded Therapies facility. The address is:

5929 North May Ave.
Suite 408
Oklahoma City, OK


Morning and Evening Classes run concurrently.

Mornings: 10am-3pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Evenings: 5pm-10pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Classes Begin: Aug 12, 2019

Classes End: May 20, 2019

Fall Break: Oct 14 – 18

Thanksgiving Break: Nov 25 – 29

Winter Break: Dec 23 – Jan 3

Spring Break: Mar 16 – 20

Our schedule intentionally coincides with the OKC Public Schools.

Core Massage Therapy Program (500 hours)

The Core program covers the fundamentals of massage therapy from a therapeutic, clinical, and holistic approach. This program is taught by practicing professionals and embodies a knowledge base inclusive of wellness paradigms, bodywork techniques, self-care disciplines, and holistic philosophies combined with the art of healing.

Students will be granted the opportunity to not only culminate their practice while earning extra income prior to graduation via student massages offered to the public, but also maintain a potential career right here at the Likeminded Therapies Clinic.

Students will not begin performing student massages until an adequate level of training has been met (around 150 hours) and are limited to 25 per student. A treatment room in the clinic is reserved for graduates in their first year of practice as part of our job placement program.

Due to smaller class sizes, there is limited availability.

  • Anatomy – (100 hours)
  • Physiology – (50 hours)
  • Massage Techniques – (175 hours)
  • Health & Hygiene – (20 hours)
  • Business & Ethics – (45 hours)
  • Energy Work – (20 hours)
  • Kinesiology – (25 hours)
  • Pathology – (40 hours)
  • Internship – (25 hours)

Advanced (500 hours)

To be determined…

The Advanced Massage Therapy Program will teach the skills useful in performing more advanced applications of massage and an introduction into many different modalities.

  • Functional Anatomy – (150 hours)
  • Orthopedic Massage – (150 hours)
  • Advanced Energy Work – (50 hours)
  • Oriental Medicine – (25 hours)
  • Movement Therapy – (50 hours)
  • Aromatherapy – (25 hours)
  • Wellness Paradigms – (50 hours)


The following professional massage therapists (including their other roles) will be instructing all classes.


Down Payment: $1000

Core Program (500 hours): $6000
Advanced Program (500 hours): $6000
Core + Advanced (1000 hours): $10000

We offer payment plans if you wish to pay out your tuition throughout the course of the program. Credit card payments are accepted.

To enroll, please contact us for an interview.