CEU Classes

Likeminded Therapies School of Massage is licensed in the State of Oklahoma by the OBPVS. CEU hours obtained from us are only valid in renewing your Oklahoma Massage Therapist License. Since the advanced massage courses (joint mobilization and functional anatomy) require a certain level of competency, we do require that students possess good working knowledge of massage, if not already licensed. Other courses that do not teach advanced techniques (i.e. Holistic Alternatives and Energetic Ethics) are open to anyone that wishes to take them.

To sign up, please email info@likemindedtherapies.com and include which course you would like to register for. Each class will be limited in size.

All CEU Courses are 5 hours and cost $60. You may pay at the door or pre-pay with Paypal below. When pre-paying, please select the appropriate date.

Current Schedule:

Saturday July 27, 2019 11AM-4PM – Functional Anatomy – Hands & Feet (w/ Jesse)

Monday August 6, 2019 1PM-6PM – Joint Mobilization – Upper Body (w/ Rodrick)

This schedule will be updated regularly…

Course Selection

CEU Course Catalog:

Our CEU Courses will be offered intermittently throughout the year. Please see above for our current schedule. All classes are 5 hours and cost $60 each.

Joint Mobilization – 3 independent classes (Upper Body, Lower Body, Hands and Feet)

These 5-hour CEU courses are a technical, hands-on guided class teaching experienced therapists how to further their massage techniques to include mobilizing the joints of the upper body. When our joints are tight, sluggish, or out of proper alignment, our muscles will spasm and tighten up. Learning to open and align these joints in a slow and methodical way can make loosening spasmed muscles a breeze. These courses introduce students into Orthopedic Massage. Students must have a good working knowledge of massage techniques to attend these classes.

Holistic Alternatives – German New Medicine

For therapists seeking knowledge in a truly Holistic alternative, German New Medicine is a great start. Learn about the Five Biological Laws as proven by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D. In this course therapists will learn, from a scientific perspective, how the mind and body are as one. This is a lecture only course.

Functional Anatomy – An Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method™ – 3 independent classes (Shoulders, Pelvis, Hands)

These classes combine the anatomical knowledge overlaid with the functional movement therein and its interconnectedness to the whole Self. The intention of this learning is to gain a ‘felt’ understanding, through movement and lecture, of the natural physics of the way we move. In these courses, therapists will deepen their anatomy knowledge through various movement lessons. These lessons may easily be applied to the therapist in a ‘self-care’ sense as well as techniques to help re-train movement with their clients. Students must have a good working knowledge of massage techniques to attend these classes.

Energetic Ethics

As Massage Therapists, we must be familiar with the standard ethics of our practice. We feel it is just as important (if not more) to establish good habits of proper “energetic ethics”. In this course, we discuss Energy Transference, Keeping Energetically Clean, Feng Shui Basics, Meditation, and other topics to make yourself, and your space a sanctuary for your clients.