Likeminded Teachers

Gebhart Parzer

Gebhart turned to Massage Therapy after a short service in the military as a drill sergeant and training as a minister at his home college in Austria. There in Austria, where he is originally from, he began his training for what would become a life long career. This first step was the attendance of a program offered from a local hospital in 1976 taught by the post-World War 2 generation of massage therapists. With his interest peaked and his career begun, he continued seeking education from many institutions in Austria, Germany, and Japan through the years of 1977- 1981. To the present he has maintained a practice in the field of massage as well as taught at various schools in the States since the 80’s. The only exception to this is a remarkable come back story about 10 years long, where he was involved in a rough motorcycle accident and took many many years to fully recover and return to his private practice, though he continued to teach for most of this time.
He runs a successful private practice out of Likeminded Therapies and has been with us since 2014.
Gebhart loves the idea of building up the next generation of orthopedic/therapeutic massage therapist, and Rodrick and Jesse can both vouch for this as we trained directly under him back in 2009-2010 giving us both the foundations of our craft. The foundation is paramount in any craft/trade school for this is the rock on which we build.
Gebhart has the dual capacity of the heavy hand of drill instructor or Sensei retained from both his military and martial training, balanced by the kind heart of a life long, dedicated master of touch.


Jesse Cox

Jesse was trained under Gebhart in 2009 and 2010 and has practiced ever since. He considers life the greatest teacher of consciousness and he seeks this in all ways. To Jesse all roads can lead to the symbolic expression of consciousness. These lessons and clues come from a variety of places he studies included but not limited to the works of great masters and philosophers, holistic psychology, even the study of language, health paradigms, or more directly found through touch and movement. Aside from being a successful practitioner and business owner co-founding Likeminded Therapies in the spring of 2011, he is consistency learning and Integrating the new things life brings him. Since his training with Gebhart, he also studied vigorously the arts of movement. That lead him to the Feldenkrais method (TM) of which he is a Guild Certified Member as of October 2018. Massage and movement go together. He teaches both his clients as well as his students to integrate movement to become more fluid! This reduces effort needed, and reduction of effort means more ease. And when it’s easy, the next natural evolution is grace. And when we are graceful, we tend to smile more and “hurt” less. And when we smile more and hurt less our awareness blossoms. Awareness of all things life. There is no higher calling than to serve to lift others conscious.
Repeat, and
Know Beauty.

Rodrick Neher

Rodrick received his training from Gebhart in 2010 and has practiced ever since. He has also received apprenticeship training in Energy Work and Craniosacral Therapy. He has since spent several years studying German New Medicine and is passionate about sharing this knowledge with everyone. With a keen touch coupled with an expertise in holistically integrated health models, he too keeps learning and practicing. He teaches his students and clients both a deeper understanding of why we have certain experiences/ symptoms and guide them to facilitate healing for themselves at the level of consciousness itself. He maintains a private practice where he facilitates this consciousness based medicine and touch at Likeminded as well and has done so since he co-founded the company in the spring of 2011.


We are blessed with a multi generational educational methodology as we’ve all built from a similar rock. This creates a continuity that is beyond words. We are honor bound to teach and offer the highest level of training for the next generation to build upon, as this idea was our training. And for the students soon to be colleagues to have the fundamentals to continue building upon as we have done and are continuing to do so. We therefore consider it sacred duty to not only pass the torch, but make it brighter while we are at it. And may this be ever present.