Mental Therapy Services

Private sessions are available with Hughston Elijah and offer an array of services.

  1. Dream Therapy – diving into one’s dreams (subconscious mind) and using this information to affect change!
  2. Spiritual EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – releasing and letting go of stuff – emotional stuff to affect change
  3. Transactional Analysis and/or Gestalt sessions – providing insight and  to garner wisdom to affect change
  4. DNA reprogramming – EIP – Energetic Interference Patterns – An awesome and dynamic technique/s as taught by Margaret Ruby – reprogramming ancestral codes to affect change
  5. Talk sessions to explore possibilities


Normally $80 per session (usually 60-70 minutes)

– Price negotiated for an agreed upon number of visits.

2-6 weeks $60/session (weekly visits)

6-9 weeks $50/session (weekly visits)

10+ weeks $40/session (weekly visits)

If you are attending a class, private sessions are always $40 per session.


Call or text to make arrangements: 405-850-1529



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