Dream Analysis

This class begins Dec 2, 2014.

Every Tuesday from 7pm-9pm.

Cost: $20 per person.

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About the Class:

Working with one’s dreams is a tool of consciousness; going beyond ones ego, going beyond Conscious Mind; going beyond our social contracts with Self; and going beyond our agreements with social consciousness! Dreams are filled with data and information that is unfiltered and uncontaminated by the ego. Dreams provide raw and honest information about ourself. Dreams are a tool to help us break free of conscious redundancy and to aid us in the process of creating new focused intentions; and moving towards union with our Divine consciousness, and most importantly our inner Divine authority. Working with one’s dreams on Purpose, supports our expansion into and expression of our Spiritual consciousness!

As you dream, you are causing,observing, witnessing, recalling, studying and learning about your Greater Self. Learning will take place. Learning is a form of movement/motion in our Mind.

This motion can and will create mental pictures in our sub-conscious mind which in turn can create atoms to assist in manifestation / a chosen action.

Dreams are these beautiful mental pictures (sometimes black/white and often times in color) – emanating from our sub-conscious mind. They are a communication from our sub-conscious to our conscious mind. Dreams are a symbolic language of mental pictures, i.e. symbols requiring our translation into usable data and information. Dream symbology is powerful. Dream symbology is mind symbology and it is conceptual. Mind symbology delivers a message of knowingness. If validation enters the picture then a transition has occurred from mind symbology to brain symbology, which leads to a brain story which detracts from mind expansion. Dream/mind symbology is delightful. And conceptual – mind symbology is an entire operating and functioning system. One can create a space, a state, of delight with mind symbology which is different than the brains electro-brain chemistry.

Dreams reconfigure awareness into what seems like non-contiguous thought, changes the speed of time, having and creating what you want without outside interference, receiving without the brain story! Dreams are one way the universe expands itself through individual awareness; i.e. the possibility of creating a physical and nonphysical fabric simultaneously. Dreams are such an awesome creation that we all have at our disposal – each and every night!

Dreams and this language do provide us with the opportunity to learn with clarity on a multi-dimensional level! Let me provide and example to help demonstrate this phenomena. Several years ago, I had a live-radio show where people would call in with a dream, and I in turn would provide an analysis. One night, a young woman called in with this dream:

I was in my home, walking down the hallway, on my way to the bathroom, a few more steps to turn left. The a giant two foot spider came down from the ceiling, bobbing in mid air – directly in front of me, blocking my path; I froze – I was terrified, the spider was green and had vicious exaggeratedly large – human like teeth – but snap and somewhat pointed – scary looking. I freaked out and woke up!

This is a live show, where two seconds feel like an eternity for my response. Many thoughts passed thru my mind on how to say what I wanted to say. This is what I said to her, with a cautionary and loving energy; “I suggest you reach out, as you have done with me tonight, to reach out and find someone to support you in your next step, perhaps a professional person of some sort. Please say yes and agree to do this.” There was a moment or two of silence, she was crying and said “yes – oh – yes – I will. Thank You!”

Here is partly what I surmised from the dream; She was in her homeher mental attention was in or on her mind (home); walking down the hallwaymovement forward in her life – taking some steps; on her way to the bathroom – intention to let go and/or cleanse something in her life; going left –  symbol of the past; giant spider – symbol of vicious, scary, compulsive behavior or habit; vicious teeth – she wants to take in new data but is not – too scary to do so; and yet all of it is shrouded in desire for a new beginning – spiders have 8 legs – not 6 – Number 8 = new beginning; and the spider was green – attention on health, heartfelt energy. My conclusion, deduced from the symbols was that she was engaged in some form of addiction, very scary to her and she wanted to heal herself from this addiction or at least a very scary habit.

The wildest, weirdest most unusual or even sometimes boring or whatever the dream may be is packed with information. These are symbols chosen by the sub-concious to alert and reveal messages – communique – advisories – to the Conscious mind. It is then the dreamer with conscious mind’s direction to respond and take action accordingly. It is a responsibility!

For most of us, our Ego has a tight grip with a close reign on our behavioral choices (many are unconscious choices – e.g. reactions to …)! Our ego is at the seat of power, ruling our life and directing our life; often times with repeatable patterns (i.e social redundancy)!

This class, thru dream analysis and other activities will educate and help a person make new decisions to break the predictable – repeatable behaviors that no longer are useful. To learn and understand this information will help in determining new choices – new directions for oneself.


Areas of interest that the class will cover:

  • dream analysis – learning the symbols
  • learning levels of consciousness
  • learning about black/white vs color dreams
  • how to remember your dreams
  • learning how to focus your mental attention
  • disconnecting circuitries with someone that you no longer wish to be connected to
  • clearing oneself, home, car, food – of energies that do not serve you
  • invoking and using the merkaba for protection
  • couple of my favorite mantras
  • group Belief System change – reprogramming neural pathways

This is an ongoing class, intended to educate and help you – help yourself. I look forward to seeing you at class! A class of discovery and inner exploration. Dreams, the stuff “magic” is made of i.e. magic is something that helps one expand past their current perception of limitations!



Hughston Elijah