Dream Time

Hello. My name is Hughston Elijah. I am a dream specialist. I was fortunate to grow up in Brazil, and as a young child, I was blessed to “study” with a tribal Shaman. I learned the value of “dream time” and doing one’s Inner Work at an early age. Several years later, I had the opportunity to live in Tanzania, East Africa. While there, I was honored to “study” with a Zulu medicine man. The great import of “dream time” was reinforced once again. These two “registered” moments in my life have helped shape my deep interest and appreciation of my “dream time”, my communication from my Sub-Conscious Mind to my Conscious Mind.

Dreams serve an amazing purpose in our life. Dreams provide meaning and insight into who we are! Dreams are a fascinating look into the Inner Self. Dreams are a creative expression, emanating from our Sub-Conscious Mind. Dreams provide a wealth of data, information and wisdom for us to garner in our quest for Self Growth and understanding.

While we sleep, our Mind is assimilating our life thru the creation of three dimensional-cinematographic-mental and motion pictures. The dreamer’s sub-conscious chooses symbolic representations of energetics that are relevant to the dreamer’s life at that time. Dreams are a symbolic story. Because dreams originate in our Sub-Conscious Mind, our flow of creational energy, they are foretelling. They prognosticate our life. They reveal our state of mind. Dreams disclose the “truth” about our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. One of the aesthetic qualities of dreams is that they are “brutally” honest. Dreams are un-filtered and uncontaminated by the ego; thus providing an authentic perspective about our life. This sheds “Light” on “Who Am I?”

To learn the language of dreams; i.e. translating the symbols, is a skilled endeavor. To harvest the information and wisdom contained is a true treasure for the betterment of our life.

Remember this: Your Dreams are all about you! To know thyself is a noble quest. Dreams are a tool, a gateway and a pathway to your Inner Divine Self and To Be One with your Inner Divine Authority!

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