Sarah Bustamante, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner

sarahSarah Bustamante, RYT, PRYT Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner


Sarah Bustamante is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and previous experience working in the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Central Oklahoma’s Student Counseling Center. Sarah’s interest in yoga, meditation, and humanistic psychology began in 2005, shortly after being diagnosed with a voice disorder called spasmodic dysphonia, that left her questioning her relationship to herself and to her life. She began her own practice in a search to understand and heal the sense of disconnection she felt between her mind, body, and spirit. Sarah supports her clients and students in finding, trusting, and acting upon their own unique inner wisdom in order to feel balanced and whole again. Sarah believes yoga is much more than a physical practice and can be used a tool for uncovering the answers to life’s biggest questions; Who am I, what am I, and how am I meant to live?

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