Jesse Cox, CMT

Jesse Cox

Jesse recalls fondly back to the year of 2003 where his own inner evolution began with a simple meditation of energetically charging water and a lucid dream training regimen. Since that time, he has always continued his seeking and has kept the flames of his desire for growth burning brightly. His journey on this path to his Inner Self has reached far and wide over the years with varying forms of study revolving around a commonly centered axis of healing arts and natural wellness.
These practices include in-depth seeking into the realms of the internal sciences of meditation, yoga, healthy nutrition, essential oils, energy based techniques such as Reiki and Acupoint, self-help philosophies and practices, massage therapies ranging from simple “feel good” modalities to more complex therapies involving orthopedic massage and corrective alignment techniques, German New Medicine, and healing through movement / neuromuscular reeducation, such as the Feldenkrais Method. Woven over the course of many years, his practice has been fueled by continuously studying language and its usage while simultaneously gaining great insight from the works of many master teachers, such as Audle Allison, Ken Wilber, Osho, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Deepak Chopra, to name a few.
Jesse practices the arts in all ways known to him and treats individuals as their own unique, magnificent, and sovereign being. Each of us sings a song, and the body is a good indicator as to the melody itself; although, the story never stops with that of the physical nature. With this concept always at the forefront of his methodology, his style and approach will vary greatly from person to person; therefore, he meets with each client where they are in the present moment and works with them in a manner that allows the body/mind/spirit complex to heal itself, by itself. In this way, he feels that the only real job he has is to facilitate this function of individual self-healing, as we all can if indeed we put our intention on such a beautiful cause.
Jesse is currently in the third year of a four year, 800 hour professional training program known as the Feldenkrais Method. He is set to graduate and become guild certified in September of 2018. He also acts as president of Likeminded Therapies and as a massage teacher at the Likeminded School of Massage, as well as being one of the clinic’s many practitioners. Each Saturday that he is home from his studies, he offers a free-of-charge meditation class at 11:30 that is open to any and all who have an interest in their own Inner Light and knowing Self at a deeper level.
Should one have questions or an interest in booking with Jesse, please feel free to call him directly or contact the clinic phone number and ask for him by name. He accepts clientele from Tuesday to Friday of each week and works from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm weekly.