Sound Tranquility Healing Therapy

Tranquil sounds combined with essentials are used to access a meditation state of mental silence. In this state of mental silence, the mind and body have a chance to release stresses and heal, whereupon the spiritual aspect of the Self comes to our awareness. It can be experienced in many different ways and is not limited to any particular cultural, religious or spiritual beliefs. For many, meditation induces peaceful relaxation and a sense of awareness resulting in a greater receptiveness to enlightenment.

We then can engage in our activity in a more balanced, more harmonious, more energetic and more creative manner.  Life takes on deeper meaning and becomes more fulfilling.  Our relationships grow more satisfying, our work more gratifying and we begin to feel a deeper connection with nature and the subtle hidden forces which shape our environment

In the late 1970’s, British EEG researcher and Zen master C. Maxwell Cade began using a new type of monitoring devise, which he called the Mind Mirror.  He began to measure interrelationships of right and left hemisphere brainwave patterns.   With his new devise, Cade set out to measure the brainwaves of people, who were considered to experience / know higher states of consciousness.  Thinking those patterns might be unique, he wanted to understand those patterns and replicate them. The Mind Mirror, in fact, did enable Cade to test many persons, especially yogi in high states of consciousness.  With those in high states of consciousness, he found a common pattern.  He called this “the Awakened Mind Pattern.”  This pattern consisted of a particular combination of four types of brainwaves: the Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta states.  

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