Non-Surgical Face Lift

The glycolic peel can result in significant changes in improved skin texture, color, and tone.  What sets the Rx peel apart from other peels is the low pH (0.4 to 0.35), the highest free acid concentration (30%) and five levels of glycolic acid.  The enzyme used accelerates the dissolution of the “glue-like” bond that holds together the flat, cornified cells at the outer surface of the epidermis.

BENEFITS… The result is a smoother, softer and healthier epidermis, by accelerating the skin’s texture, tone and moisture content.  It quickly decreases the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.  Decreases puffiness under the eyes and is anti-inflammatory.  A decrease pore size and prevents blackheads.


Rx Systems, Scientifically Advanced Skin Care.   This dermatologist developed skin care system is designed to provide a program that is easy to use and provide results.  Every product is made with the highest quality, clinically proven ingredients.  Rx Systems are meticulously pH balanced to work in synergy with your skin, rather than just on it.

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