Detox and Body Cleansing

Monthly Health Tip: Detox and Body Cleansing

Since our theme this month is Spring Cleaning and Detox, we thought we would offer a few tips and lists to help you with any cleansing goals you have for this spring. Please consult your physician before beginning a diet or exercise program.

Full Body Cleanse:
I have personally tried a few types of cleanses from juices to fasting and full blown cleansing programs. I can say, while fasting is probably the most effective, it is the most challenging. The most simple and joyful program I have used to date is the 5-day Nutritive Cleanse by Young Living. This program includes 3 very important items which not only helps to cleanse the body, but while doing so, provides ample fiber and tons of nutrients that your body may use to really get the job done and leave you feeling better than ever. It includes the Balance Complete shakes, NingXia Red Wolfberry Juice, and the Digest+Cleanse capsules full of essential oils blended to help the digestive system in this process. The program also advises on snacks (optional) in case your hunger gets the best of you.

If you are interested in ordering the 5-day Nutritive Cleanse, click the link and use our Sponsor ID number: 1189822. For more information, you may pick up a booklet at our clinic or speak to Rodrick about his experience with this cleanse.

While some modern scientists do not agree that fasting is beneficial physiologically, our ancestors certainly believed so. Nearly every religion has a fasting ritual as well as most ancient cultures. They believed that by fasting, our bodies will shed off anything left over after the winter. There is also a spiritual aspect to most of the fasting rituals in that it is believed to bring you a greater since of well-being and connectedness.

If you have never tried a fast, this spring may be the best time to try. Of course you should always consult your physician before beginning any fasting program to determine if you are healthy enough.

Juicing is another great way to help clean up the body from bad diets and clogged up digestive systems. There are many different “juice fasts” out there, but from our experience, making juices and smoothies at home is a great way to go. Try mixing in all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables like avocados and kale. You may also add other goodies like flax seed or chia seeds to get a little more bang out of each drink. A typical juice fast is 5-7 days.

Alkalizing Foods:
Most of us in our society today are running at an acidic pH level in our bodies. This is NOT ideal. The high levels of acid usually come from coffee, alcohol, sodas and junk food, but there are certainly other culprits to be found. Even some “healthy” foods can be very acidic. We would like to offer you a list of foods that can help offset any acidity issues you may have. You can purchase a pH testing kit at most health stores.

Alfalfa – Barley Grass – Beet Greens – Beets – Broccoli – Cabbage – Carrot – Cauliflower – Celery – Chard Greens
Chlorella – Collard Greens – Cucumber – Dandelions – Dulce – Edible Flowers – Eggplant – Fermented Veggies Garlic – Green Beans – Green Peas – Kale – Kohlrabi – Lettuce – Mushrooms – Mustard Greens – Nightshade Veggies – Onions – Parsnips (high glycemic) – Peas – Peppers – Pumpkin – Radishes – Rutabaga – Sea Veggies Spinach, green – Spirulina – Sprouts – Sweet Potatoes – Tomatoes – Watercress – Wheat Grass – Wild Greens

Daikon – Dandelion Root – Kombu – Maitake – Nori – Reishi – Shitake – Umeboshi – Wakame

Apple – Apricot – Avocado – Banana (high glycemic) – Berries – Blackberries – Cantaloupe – Cherries, sour Coconut, fresh –  Dates, dried – Figs, dried – Grapes- Grapefruit – Honeydew melon – Lemon – Lime Muskmelons – Nectarine – Orange – Peach – Pear – Pineapple – Raisins – Raspberries – Rhubarb – Strawberries Tangerine – Tomato – Tropical Fruits – Umeboshi Plums – Watermelon

Almonds – Chestnuts – Millet – Tempeh (fermented) – Tofu (fermented) – Whey Protein Powder


Chili Pepper – Cinnamon – Curry –    Ginger – Herbs (all) – Miso – Mustard – Sea Salt – Tamari

Alkaline Antioxidant Water – Bee Pollen – Fresh Fruit Juice – Green Juices – Lecithin Granules – Mineral Water Molasses, blackstrap – Probiotic Cultures – Soured Dairy Products – Veggie Juices

Calcium: pH 12 – Cesium: pH 14 – Magnesium: pH 9 – Potassium: pH 14 – Sodium: pH 14

We hope you found this information useful! Have a wonderful month!

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