What to do with pain.

Pain is one of the bodies alert systems. We are hurting for a reason! The pain is trying to tell us to stop and pay attention to it. The pain itself can hold the answer. Most of us either hide or kill our pain, but neither is a good answer… Try this instead:
Lie down in a comfortable position and focus on your pain. Try to feel the area the pain covers like a cloud within your body. As you continue to focus on this “cloud”, the pain will start to shrink into a smaller and smaller area. Usually when this happens it will also become more intense. Don’t be afraid! More damage is not being done by simply lying down and focusing your mind. The goal here is to get the pain into a single point. Once you do, and can endure the intensity, the point may close and the pain may subside. Another thing that may happen is that the pain will move to a new location. If this happens, repeat the process.

If you continue this practice, you will not only help your body by listening to its alarms, but you will also get much more mileage out of your corrective bodywork treatments! Please let us know if this technique worked for you!

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